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The Student Investment Initiative Explained

Check out this great claymation video. It's only a couple of minutes long and very informative, we promise! 

How Does the SII Cycle Work?

First, inform

At the very first meeting, we bring in local speakers -- representatives from nonprofits who serve the community and people from the city -- to discuss what needs exist.  Even if students decide that they don't want to participate with a group, they are at the very least informed about how they can volunteer locally. 

Next, prepare

After the initial meeting, students who want to participate will:  

  • Form teams of 5-10 students and identify needs in their communities that they would like to impact. 
  • Decide how they want to impact it through a project. In other words, using $5,000 and leveraged human resources, what can they build, create, install, organize, fix, plant or implement within the community that would resolve or improve the issue? 
  • Plan the logistics, timeline, and budget for the project and create a presentation to sell it. 
  • The week before the students present their projects, we bring in mentors to go over their projects, budgets, and presentations to help prepare them for the pitch. (Want to volunteer as a mentor? Be sure to visit our Volunteer page!)

Finally, Pitch!

  • All groups present their projects to a panel of judges (think "Shark Tank" for community service) who come from the community, including civic and business leaders. (You can also go to the Volunteer page to volunteer as a judge).
  • Using a rubric, the judges select a winner for the grant (or winners if more than one is available). 
  • The winner is announced at a formal awards ceremony (The Big Reveal) and then the project can get underway.