Youth often report feelings of powerlessness, lacking any ability to affect the problems they see in the world. They want to create change where they see opportunities, but they assume it takes power, age, and millions of dollars, so they feel defeated before they even try. 

At the same time, many adults misread this behavior as apathy. It's an unfortunate cycle where both parties are operating on false beliefs. 

The truth is that communities need to tap into the vast resources that exist in their local schools, giving youth opportunities to resolve local issues through critical thought, teamwork, and ingenuity. Through this effort, powerful connections are made that result in stronger communities and confident leaders of tomorrow. 

This generation is ready to invest in a better world, and we are eager to show them the way in their own neighborhoods.

Empowering Youth through a Unique Approach

We provide grant opportunities -- up to $5,000 -- for high school student groups to invest in sustained community improvement.  As they plan and work through the Student Investment Initiative (SII) cycle, students will develop viable leadership, business, and project management skills while partnering with community and business leaders. (This short video illustrates this.)

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Contribute to your local grants

Youth leadership education starts with you Donate to your local grant fund. Any amount helps us reach our minimum of $5,000 per school, and it all goes directly back into the community while developing tomorrow's leaders.

Mentor Future Leaders

two people studying together

Business professionals and community leaders are the best mentors and educators, guiding student groups as they develop their projects, their budgets, and/or their presentations. A little time can make a big difference in their successes.

Serve as a Panel Judge


Using a rubric to guide your assessments, you can help select the winning project(s) and set progress in motion. Think "Shark Tank" but without the bite.

Help Invest LOV reach more young leaders and heroes

 Heroes aren't made -- they're empowered. Your support and contributions will enable us to get into more schools and empower their youth to be the heroes their communities need. Our current funding goals: 

  • Materials for more Student Investment Initiatives' challenges 
  • Marketing, advertising, and printing costs for a year
  • Contract a professional fundraiser for 6 months

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